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16th-Aug-2005 12:19 pm - Greetings!
caitlin's daddy
No, Ryan ryan_beaches and I are not 'dead' or otherwise gone. Just unaccustomed to the online world, for the most, these days. Bloody annoying, isn't it?

We still pop in from time to time at both Yahoo groups and here, though! Especially for those occasional good reads of blogs, list posts, fanfic, interesting feedback and so on.

The latest diversion we both enjoyed greatly was friend Marilyn's mistressmarilyn manifesto for the Gamble/Street slash pairing. I wouldn't have thought such an essay could be so entertaining! Ryan read it first and then steered me to read. Very good stuff.

We naturally ran out and got the DVD of "SWAT" to watch, so we could enjoy seeing this slashy pair. I have to admit the subtext was literally screaming! (And Colin Farrell certainly seems perfect to pair off with other men, regardless of his protests against the practice.)

We loved seeing Farrell and Renner interacting in the extras section. I should think we'd see more Farrell/Renner slash around! (I seem to recall reading one somewhere though. Perhaps over at the Colin list at Yahoo? Anyway, they seem quite the thing to me!

Speaking of Farrell, we had to plunk down cash to buy both versions of "Alexander" when it was recently released. After all, how could we miss seeing what Stone decided to cut? Ha!

I don't care how bad that movie was, I still love seeing those attractive men. I personally thought Farrell did a good job as Alexander the Great. But it's all a matter of opinion, I suppose.

Well, I've changed my LJ appearance. I decided to go with a background that could tile and would load quickly and easily. That way I can change it out whenever I feel like it. My dandelions seem attractive, I think!

Back to work. (That was my lunch break.) I'll need to try and read and catch up a bit later...

(I wonder if I'll ever write here enough to warrant going paid again. I suppose not, but you never can tell!)

Now I need to try and get used to tags. Bloody hell.

14th-May-2004 04:58 pm - Viewing My Journal
caitlin's daddy

Okay, friends!

Help me out and try it again (viewing from inside my journal)...

Comments appreciated!

I've tweaked yet again. Hopefully fixed things. (I really optimized my background image a ton. Seriously.) That should bloody well do it, but I've no clue. (Seeing as it always showed up fine for me. Ha!)

Thanks again for your help.


14th-May-2004 03:11 pm - "Troy"
caitlin's daddy

Well, my ficlet was a pretty mild success. Ha! (I don't think it even impressed the person who inspired it, frankly.) But what the hell. I had fun with it. Especially the "Troy" banner that made Diana into Helen and John into Paris. (Ha!)

You have to admit it was an inspired concept, with "Troy" opening today.

No, Ryan ryan_beaches and I did not promise to take PJ pj_grey to see "Troy" this weekend. We said (and I quote), "We'll see." (That phrase is probably our parental favorite!)

Actually, though, I'm excited myself to see it! (Oh the slashiness, by the way. Men in tunics with bare legs. Lovely.)

If you're around Kevin kevinr, I'm delighted to have the ficlet appear at BBF. (In fact, I'm honored that you want it there!) I suppose I should write and tell him, just to be sure he knows...

On another note, can a few of you see if you can view my journal by actually going to it? It was mentioned to me that it doesn't display correctly for others viewing it... (It shows up fine for me.) Thanks.

Well, back to work!


13th-May-2004 10:48 pm - FIC: "Diana of Troy"
caitlin's daddy

Peter tries his hand at a very tame het fanfic... Ha!

Inspired by watching several shows about "Troy" with my little family...

FIC: 'Diana of Troy'Collapse )

Quite fun, really!

(Especially making the banner! Ha!)


3rd-May-2004 12:27 pm - Sick House Weekend.
caitlin's daddy

Ryan ryan_beaches did not get the flu from me. He did not! (Well, maybe he did.)

Remember how I was a bit under the weather last week? Well, so was Ryan. Just slightly. Though it most certainly did not slow him down for a second, especially regarding work!

Come Friday night...

He complained of a tummy ache. (Well, perhaps not in those words. I've got a two-year-old, you know. Ha!)

Then in the middle of the night I notice his forehead is hotter than hell. He was burning up! But cad that I am, I dropped back off to sleep without giving it much thought. (But allow me to mention that he often seems to run low-grade temperatures without the slightest problem. He's quite the furnace some days...)

Cut for potential TMICollapse )

Next thing you know, P.J. pj_grey is down. Then the baby girl, too!

Nanny Jane was away. And fortunately enough, 'Nanny' Harry (our au pair) was fine. (I'm watching him, though, as he seems tired. Being ghastly tired seems to be one of the symptoms of this flu -- especially early on.)

I think P.J. got the worst of it, frankly. Though both Ryan and Caitlin were miserable, too. Body aches and runs and headache and so on. My poor little family!

Interestingly enough, as sick as they were we had some nice moments!

We watched several movies and shows on TV. P.J. was able to sit up a bit and play his game on the computer (which he's doing right now, by the way).

Caitlin had no trouble at all getting whatever she wanted. I felt so bad to see her sick that I let her have 'ki ki' (cheesecake) and ice cream and the lot. (I was glad to see her eating, after all!)

I poured Gatorade down the little one and tried to get both P.J. and Ryan to drink more. (TMI: Do you know what a bad sign it is when someone pees and it's dark yellow and cloudy? And there's barely any pee at all because of dehydration!) It felt like pulling teeth at times.

Speaking of pulling teeth, P.J. had that 'sore teeth' thing going on. I'd have been more concerned if the exact same thing hadn't happened to me last week one day!

I'd wondered if I was getting a tooth ache, frankly. But it passed and I (of course) forgot all about it.

Until P.J. mentioned that his teeth hurt! Then I knew he was having the same thing.

Poor boy. I think that might have been some of the worst pain he had. It lasted around ten hours and was bloody horrid. Then he slept and had nightmares about his teeth breaking off.

(As an aside, Ryan and I were lying talking in bed last night and Ryan mentioned how fascinated he is by P.J.'s incredible imagination! The boy has these detailed and interesting dreams/nightmares and always tells us them. Quite the story-teller, that one! Ryan said he thinks P.J. will be a writer for certain.)

Well, we all survived the weekend quite nicely...

Ryan went to work (of course), but I kept P.J. home today. (Yes, I'm here, too.)

The little girl is well enough to be playing quietly with Harry.

Nanny Jane gets home tomorrow.

Well, I'm going to try and tackle some work here at home, so I'm off.

I hope my LJ friends are all in good health! (And that you all had good weekends.)


29th-Apr-2004 07:50 pm - Belated Happy Birthday, Dear Blog!
wild ride
Well, bloody hell. I missed the one year anniversary (birthday) of my LiveJournal! Damn.

It was on April 14 of 2003 that I first created this delightful blog. Little did I know!

Online has meant a great deal to me. I suppose that goes without saying, seeing as I met the man I love (and now live with) via online.

I've very much enjoyed reading the entries of my friends, playing in various communities and moderating a few. It's been a lovely ride!

I'm looking forward to many more years of online and blogging pleasure...

Feel free to toss a bit of confetti. And I just had a beer, so if you care to, join me with some 'adult beverage' (as Ryan ryan_beaches calls them). I propose a toast to my dear blog:

Many more, my friend! Happiest of birthdays, a bit belated.

29th-Apr-2004 09:40 am - Annoyed.
caitlin's daddy

Let me preface this by saying that I do feel better today. Seriously I do. Not perhaps 100% so. But better.

So why am I annoyed?

Because in moderating communities I go to a great deal of trouble to explain my 'rules.' You can easily read them on the 'profile/info' page when joining.

I assume if you're at LiveJournal and able to post that you can read.

But I also assume that most people skip reading communities rules. They can't be bothered, you see.

Then if I happen to not be around to moderate, there goes the ball game...

Today I was there. So I linked the appropriate profile page and quoted one of the two rules that was broken by the newbie member.

I'll be interested to see the response (to say the least).

I should have just deleted the entry. That's what I wanted to do.

The icons shared were lovely. But still. There must be rules.

Damn how it bloody stews me. I'll assume it wasn't blatant. (Meaning I'm assuming this was a case of not reading the rules to begin with, rather than reading them and ignoring them.) But blatant or not, it makes me see red.

Plus, the culprit is one of those people who thinks that page fade ins is attractive. Heaven help us! (What was Microsoft thinking when IE allowed the damned things? Bleeding hell.)

On that unpleasant note, I simply must return to this horrid stack of work. Forgive my bad mood, please. Hell, I can't end that way... So...

On a family note...

P.J. had to come into our bedroom in the middle of the night to share an 'interesting' dream he'd had. This has been happening a lot recently. Fortunately these many (many) dreams don't appear to be nightmares.

Ryan ryan_beaches is the most patient and sweet man alive, by the way. If you could see the way he is with the children you'd know what I mean!

Speaking of Ryan, he had to literally pull me off the computer (and online interactions) last night. Poor dear!

He'd worked out for about an hour (51 minutes, to be more exact) and had chilled after. I didn't take it nearly serious enough until he awoke shivering and telling me he was freezing. The room wasn't!

So I had to get him into long pajama pants and a tee with sleeves. Then bundle the blankets around him and put an extra one on top before he started to warm.

He had a terrible headache at the time, so I was convinced he was getting my flu bug. But this morning he insisted he was better and went off to work. (The man is something of a work-aholic, by the way.) I hope he is genuinely not ill. (Not that I don't believe him, but he had me a touch frightened last night.)

Perhaps if I hadn't been messing about online I'd have been able to be certain he didn't get chilled in the first place!

Caitlin drives Nanny Harry a bit bonkers at night, I'm afraid. It seems as if he'll go off to sleep and she'll awaken and head off to our room. She's amazingly adept at opening doors! (And doing so quietly, too.) Ryan says she might have a future as a cat burgalar. Ha!

Well then. Back to work! (I feel better the minute I talk about the family!)

28th-Apr-2004 12:20 pm - Just Dragging My Tail Here...
caitlin's daddy
I'm a bit tired today. I suspect I'm fighting a bit of a bug, but I'll survive it. Ha!

I've been ignoring some of my pile of work (sigh) and just playing about online. I even did some minor artistic things. Ha!

If anyone's interested, I put my hand to a small 'book-ish' blend (find it here).

I created it for Evamaria's shirasade reading rec project -- before I realized she'd already done a layout of her own! (Yes, I certainly should have checked first, shouldn't I? But regardless, it was fun to do...)

I did an actual tutorial for both psp7_beginners and psp8_fun on creating patterns. (My first tutorial that wasn't work-related in nature. Ha!)

I made a couple of icons to fulfill requests and have basically gone about reading and commenting here and there.

May I just mention how much I enjoy all my online friends? So true...

Well, I might go home for lunch and see the little one!

Her new word is something that sounds vaguely like 'ki-ki' and actually means 'cheesecake.' We introduced her to the delights of cheesecake a couple of days ago. Now she's added it to her list of food requests...

"Daddy, iii queam?" (Well, it's hard to spell it the way it sounds. Ha! It means 'ice cream.') "Daddy, pee but bam?" (Kind of like that. 'Peanut butter and jam.') And now "Daddy, ki-ki?"

She had a tantrum (very small) this past weekend. She asked for 'pee but bam' and got it sans jam. She shoved her toast aside, quite put out.

Ryan ryan_beaches has us all trying to go low carb (which has been true for some months now). Even the cheesecake is a low carb variety. I think it's a delightful idea, really. Less sugar for the kids is never a bad idea. (Or for 'Daddy' for that matter. Ha!)

Well, I'm off. I'm trying to resist buying a new toy for Caitlin every time I see one. Ryan and I both feel she's a bit overwhelmed by all the toys she has as it is.

I got many kisses from 'Ginger Missy' (her small ginger-colored stuffed cat) last night. That always means she wants me to first kiss-kiss-kiss her kitty and then kiss-kiss-kiss her, too. So sweet.

Bleeding hell, I hope I don't give her any bugs. (More likely she's the one I got the bug from. Children her age are so notorious for carrying bugs...)

Have a good day, friends!
23rd-Apr-2004 04:53 pm - SpongMonkeys, Anyone?
caitlin's daddy

If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's no surprise. I had no clue that's what these creatures we're called until late evening yesterday. Ha!

Wednesday night I was out, Nanny Harry had a day off and dear Nanny Jane is on holiday right now with friends (Harry has made her life much easier, I must admit) so Ryan ryan_beaches was minding the children.

Naturally there's little to do with P.J. pj_grey who is quite able at 12 to take care of himself. But Caitlin can be the handful, I must say. Ha!

While surfing away (as he likes to do), apparently Ryan happened on a Quiznos commercial!

That was the news, by the way, that Caitlin awoke and had to rush to tell me in the wee hours of Wednesday night (early, early Thursday morning).

Forwhatever reason Caitlin adores those ghastly unusual little rodents who sell Quizno subs.

Ever since then, she's all over everyone to play that commercial for her again!

Naturally 'Funny Daddy' was the focus of her questions/pleas, seeing as she credited him with having found it again after such a long time 'away.' (I have the impression that they're phasing out any use of the damned SpongMonkeys! Couldn't they please keep them around a bit longer, just for my little one?)

Well, if you've never seen the commercials, you can find one of them here and another one here.

The original site where they appeared (prior to becoming Quiznos reps) is here. (Be forewarned that it goes on and on and on. My. Same damned song, though! Ha!)

I found some of that today. But I was thrilled to locate one version of the commercial last night so I could play it three times for a delighted Caitlin. (As Ryan pointed out later, she'd probably have sat there watching it for hours, over and over. She loves it.)

I also printed her out her own picture of the ugly little rats. (What the hell are they, anyway? Ryan says they're created from a rabbit's foot...)

P.J. is quite hung up just now on Lewis and Clark. We gave him a stuffed version of Seaman (the dog that went with Lewis and Clark on their expedition) in his Easter basket. He's far too old to love stuffed toys in the fashion that Caitlin and his friend Missy do, but he admits to really loving Seaman. (And he's awfully fond of Scabbers, too.)

There's far too much candy left over and around the house from Easter, by the way. Sigh.

It took us some time to eat up the last of the colored eggs, too. You're supposed to toss them out after a week! I'm hopeful that adding the vinegar when we made them into egg salad for sandwiches kept us from food poisoning. Ha! (Well, anyway, no one got sick from the egg salad. Or -- so far -- from eating too much chocolate and other candy.)

Must dash back to my work so I can get home from the office before midnight...

Have a delightful weekend, all!


22nd-Apr-2004 03:27 pm - Friendly Greetings and an Update!
caitlin's daddy

Greetings, friends.

It's been some time since I posted to my journal. (The last time was about mid-February, apparently.)

Things have been quite busy for me since then, frankly.

I came 'back' today intending to post a quick entry just to say 'hello' to everyone here. Then I found that I had some people being less-than-mature at my "American Idol" community (ai_adult_fans).

I suppose I should have found an assistant there some time ago. But with so few members I didn't anticipate any difficulties, to be honest. Excuse me, but I'm quite brassed off right now.

And I now know better. One must be prepared to 'keep an eye' on these places quite regularly, I see.

In checking my email I found a short (and very friendly) note from
friend Charlie (charliemc) that mentioned a comment she'd made there. When I checked it out I felt my blood pressure rising. Ha!

Of course, I'm rather picky (anal?) about how people post in community journals. I hate to see undersize or oversize text. I dislike things in a variety of colors (or -- God forbid -- with marquee text). What one does inside their personal journal is up to them, but when you're in a community you should make the effort not to potentially be visually offensive.

Those who know me know I don't like certain things posted outside the lj-cut tag, for example. I personally feel almost all images belong behind one! Links, too, should be placed there. (They so easily become long and mess with the layout/display of a journal.)

Now I've been forced to put an 'admin' entry to my community to tell people that they need to put potentially offensive views behind the tag.

Tell me, shouldn't mature adults realize that without my saying it?

I guess I've also learned (yet again, actually) that you can't judge an adult by age. (My 12-year-old son is more mature than some people in their 30's and 40's.)

Well, enough of all that!

What have I been up to since I last wrote?

Well, my dear friend (lover -- significant other -- partner) has moved in!

Yes, Ryan ryan_beaches is now living here in our (not 'my' -- please note) home. Yes, he's now working here in San Francisco.

Our hands are damned well full with work and the children.

Caitlin (our two-year-old) is quite the cheeky one. And I'm a serious problem to our new au pair (slash-Nanny), Harry. He frowns and shrugs when I burst into laughter over one of Caitlin's escapades. (I suspect that Harry thinks I'm a bit of a mug. Ha!)

Well, Caitlin is quite the clever girl, I must say. When something is spilled, broken, moved and so on, she has an amazing way of pushing off the blame.

"No, no, Daddy," is her general response to something like, "Caitlin, did you take your pee-butt-bam in the bathroom? How did peanut butter get all over this wall?"

(Note that there's no correct way to write 'pee-butt-bam.' It's slurred a bit and is Caitlin-speak for peanut butter and jam. A big favourite of our little one!)

Then (naturally) she'll embelish.

Did you know that peanut butter and jam could walk into the bathroom and smear itself on the walls?

Finger-pointing is another way that she gets out from under when pressed on something.

And then we had the recent flushing of one slipper down the toilet in the middle of the night. She'd come into the bedroom (mine and Ryan's, that is) all on her own, her little feet bare.

"Caitlin, where are your slippers?" Ryan asked, worried that she was walking about getting cold feet.

"No, no, Funny Daddy," was her response. (She calls Ryan 'Funny Daddy' and me 'Daddy.' Her own decision, by the way. Quite cute how she'll go running at Ryan calling out 'Funny Daddy!')

After she'd explained her reason for being there at that wee hour
(needing to tell me something important), Ryan declared he was packing her back off to bed. (He thinks we might need to get one of those gates to put on her room to keep her in. But hells bells, the child can open doors -- so why not those gates? She's bloody brilliant! Ha!)

'Nanny Harry' (as Caitlin always calls Harry) awoke and took her into his bed to warm her little feet before putting her back in her own little bed. (I guess he threatened her with the old crib, because Ryan was laughing at her response when he related it to me. "No, no, Nanny Harry!" was her loud ejaculation!)

Within a few minutes we heard the toilet flush and thought nothing of that. Then in pops Caitlin with one slipper in her hand. Ryan jumps up and dashes off to the bathroom to find the toilet about to overflow on to the floor!

Caitlin has a rather bad habit of flushing things.

Her response is always 'bye bye' (often combined with a small wave and big smile) when asked what happened to the item that was flushed.

Hats are a favourite item for flushing. She loves to wear them up to a point. Then she likes to flush them when she tires of wearing them.

Well, 'Funny Daddy' took care of the toilet and I let Caitlin 'explain' things, laughing loudly the entire time. Harry was standing half awake in the doorway, shaking his head. (He thinks I'm a prat, I'm sure. Poor Harry.)

Caitlin was taken back to bed and was off to the Land of Nod in mere seconds.

Ryan and I went back to bed with me still laughing my arse off. I'm bad, I know, but she charms me to death.

As for P.J., he's settling in with Caitlin. She always seems to want to mess about with his things, which infuriates him. His tone becomes quite 'mature' and deadly serious when he speaks to her about the subject. Or when he's telling others that she must keep her 'grubby little hands' off his belongings. Ha!

I finally got him the Scabbers stuffed rat he'd been so taken with. Ryan had to point it out to me after the fact that P.J. had actually wanted the thing! We'd seen it in a shop and I'd made some off hand comment about the fact that Scabbers (of Harry Potter fame) was actually the nasty Peter Pettigrew.

That didn't stop P.J. from desiring the stuffed rat! Ryan made that clear to me later and then we went 'on the hunt' for it in every shop we went to. No dice.

Finally we made a special trip back to that original shop and I was seriously delighted that they still had the thing for sale! (Many, many stores later.)

Naturally Caitlin adores Scabbers and is always after playing about with it. P.J. won't abide that and lectures her sternly.

'Funny Daddy' and I had to sit Caitlin down and have a serious talk about her leaving Scabbers alone. When she does touch it now, she grabs it by the tail and holds it out from her little body. (The best she can manage not to actually 'touch' it.) She generally only does that when she's bringing it along on for a trip in the car. She always gets to take her 'babies' (stuffed animals, dolls and the like) on trips and she always wants P.J. to have Scabbers along, too. (Come now, I find that thoughtful of her!)

Well, I'm back to work!

More about life at our home soon, I hope.

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