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Peter's Bitchy Blathers

(Go On... Beat Me Up... )

Peter Grey
7 October 1959
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Life is (basically) good. No, I'm not crazy about the state of world affairs (especially any and all wars and the poor national economy), but those are a fact of life I can deal with (at least for the most part).

I'm a 44-year-old man who enjoys living and working in San Francisco -- and other sundry parts of California. I'm a single parent of delightful son PJ pj_grey and daughter Caitlin. (Lucky me!)

I'm a big fan of pop music and pop performers. (Yes, I'm still a big fan of the "American Idol" TV series.)

I'm in love with a wonderful man -- Ryan ryan_beaches -- my live-in lover.

Yes, I'm very blessed.

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Let me add a small WARNING here:

As I am an adult -- and a gay male -- this journal will frequently deal with adult subject matter. Some of it will (obviously) revolve around my being gay. I personally prefer to leave my journal 'open' -- rather than to lock my entries.


Well, I suspect there are other gay men out there who might stumble across this journal and find that they actually want to share what I'm posting here -- whether they have a journal of their own or not (or whether they ever end up with one).

And I've already shared the URL/address with several male friends, several who have told me they do share. Bloody hell, I've got female friends who read here, too.

As there are numerous 'safeguards' built in to LiveJournal, I personally feel entirely comfortable with this choice.

However, if you do not, you should consider one of the following:

  1. Not a friend? Don't read if you fear being offended.

  2. You are a friend? Perhaps you'd prefer to screen my entries -- or even remove me as a friend. (If so, I'll understand.)

  3. You find it necessary to flame (be nasty to) me? Feel free. After a lifetime as a gay man, you'd really have to come up with something original to get under my skin. Besides, it's simple for me to both ignore (or even ban) you. (So perhaps you should save yourself the trouble.)

Anyway, consider yourself warned, as I sincerely have no wish to offend anyone. But it's my journal, so I will write as I wish...

Like to make non-AI icons? Maybe you haven't found a place to share them? Silly icons, icons for kids, pretty-but-not-beautiful icons? Icons for books and/or celebs? Consider joining and sharing at my latest community, please! (And many thanks!) Or if you're looking for an icon, come and get one!

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I don't understand this 'claiming' business, but I'm going to claim another user, even so. If you've even thought about claiming him, get your hands off, now!
claimed: ryan_beaches

Yes, yes. I would love it if you added Ryan as a friend, though! So run over and do so. And add my son, PJ, while you're at it. (He's a remarkably mature, intelligent and fun young man.)

Truly, I'm enjoying the experience of meeting and getting to know more people online via this blog. (And the various communities I both belong to and moderate.)